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Sending Prayers

First Nations, Sculpture

ArtistEric G. MartinSHARE:

Six Nations Confederacy





DimensionsW9 x H4 x D13 in


Eric G. Martin is a member of the Bear Clan, of the Chippewa tribes of the Credit River.

Eric is a self-taught artist who began stone carving in 1996, creating stone sculptures from soapstone, marble, alabaster, gypsum and limestone. He also works with antler, bone, wood, metals, precious and semiprecious stone and sometimes ice. His work also includes pipe making and ink prints.


Eric’s art can be found in private and public collections world-wide; most notably he has a carving in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto in their public, permanent viewing collection and a Wampum belt in the Harbour Village Museum Collection in Grove, Oklahoma. Eric also designed the cover page of Native Foods the Native Way book for the Ontario Agri-Food Education and Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario. The Six Nations Post Office uses a cancellation stamp of a Tree of Peace, which he designed.

Additional Information
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions L18 x W12 x H12 in