Dedicated to the promotion and sale of artwork created by Canada’s indigenous peoples, Native Art Gallery has been a staple of picturesque downtown Oakville since it opened in 1995. The gallery now exists down the street in a contemporary gallery space in the historic Towne Square. Under new ownership and with a rejuvenated vision for the gallery, Native Art Gallery strives to connect local and international clients with authentic Canadian sculpture, prints, wall hangings and more produced by Inuit and First Nations’ artists.

We believe that indigenous Canadian art inherently conveys the natural wonder and rich history of Canada through the beauty of the animals, spirits and legends represented through their work. Inuit art has become an internationally recognizable symbol of authentic Canadian art and culture, particularly the Inukshuk, which was recognized as a symbol of Canada when it was chosen to represent the country for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

PROTECT AUTHENTICITY                                                 

The Igloo Tag Trademark is the internationally recognized symbol of authenticity for Inuit visual arts. Introduced in 1958 by the Canadian federal government, it was created to distinguish works handmade by Canadian artists of Inuit origin from mass-produced works made by non-Inuit using Arctic imagery. In doing so, it protects Inuit artists from fraud, cultural appropriation and theft.
Physical tags bearing the Igloo Tag Trademark are affixed to relevant artwork and include the artist’s name, community, the title of the work and the year the artwork was made. A number to the bottom-right of the physical tag identifies the license holder.

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